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Mongeau&Co is an international creative studio created for the new generation of managers. We believe that cultural diversity, enlightened experiences, worldwide travel opportunities, years of activity in various fields such as design and communication, exhibition design, art and photography, technology, and most of all, a positive view of the future are some of our best assets. Our mission consists in cuddling you through every phase of the creativity process, from inspirational conversations, with the first sketches on a paper cloth while having coffee, exploring new ways and new idea, going through the whole project management with no inconvenience, until the final realization and the joy that comes with it. We will stand close to you in every moment, have a solution for every daily issue, treat you like you deserve. You will no longer need to look for other options. Let’s start from here and reach for the stars.

Art direction

Brand identity, Advertising campaign, Graphic design, Web design, Packaging, Corporate image

Social media

Marketing and Advertising on social platforms, Strategic editorial planning, Creative content creation

Exhibition design

Design and project management, 3D Modeling, Stand constructions, Logistics and transportation

Photo and video

Corporate videography, Advertising and still-life shooting, Spot production, Commercial movie
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The coming season will be one of fantastic changes and great opportunities. Are you ready? What about your corporate image policy? Maybe it is time to upgrade your website, to design a more dynamic letterhead, or plan an original Instagram campaign on the web? What about creating a dynamic video presentation for the social medias, for your showroom or to present in important trade shows? How nice would it be to have inspiring catalogues and brochures, ecological packaging and solid graphic guidelines?