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If you bumped into this website, either casually or after a Google search, well most probably you have an interest for visual design, for architecture, photography, you are fond of commercial and interior design or maybe web design and social media. You like images and colors, you fancy creativity expressed in new ways, innovation, new urban trends, visionary atmospheres. Stuff that boils inside you and makes you feel alive. Well good news for undoubtedly you have found the right place. Who knows if this is the particular moment in your company’s journey where you are just about to make some important choices regarding your corporate image policy, maybe to upgrade your website, to create a more dynamic letterhead, or plan an original Instagram campaign on the web? Maybe you decided that soon would be the time to finally participate in international trade shows, open new stores in your neighborhood, or abroad, or just to improve their overall look. Perhaps you wish to create some theatrical promotional event in a local department store to put forward your bathing suit collection just before the Summer vacations? Or create engagement with the travellers with a perfect duty store at the airport? Of course, you will require a complete vision of your strategy, make all the right moves, share this experience with your team, convince your management, discuss all the details in order to send out the right message of who you are and what you stand for, to create brand awareness the proper way. And this is when we come in. Many will believe that visual creativity is an arbitrary science, while the truth is very different. Design follows strict technical rules, guidelines, based on years of studies, observation and apprenticeship. So, dealing with Pantone colors, font size, logos, mood boards, templates, mock-ups, stock photos, security files, logistics, manpower and labor unions, might not be your cup of tea. You need to be guided adequately. Mongeau&Co is an international design studio created for the new generation of managers. We believe that cultural diversity, enlightened experiences, worldwide travel opportunities, years of activity in various fields such as fashion, food, cosmetics, technology and spirits, and most of all, a positive view of the future are some of our best assets. Our mission consists in cuddling you through every phase of the design process, from inspirational conversations, with the first sketches on a paper cloth while having coffee, exploring new ways and new materials, going through the whole project management with no inconvenience, until the final realisation and the joy that comes with it. We will stand close to you in every moment, have a solution for every daily issue, treat you like you deserve. You will no longer need to look for other options. Let’s start from here and reach for the stars.