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Patrice Mongeau

Founder  |  Interior designer and Art director 

Artist, music lover, and hockey fanatic, I was born May 1965 in Montréal, Canada, the coldest city in the world. That is why I spent my childhood indoors drawing, painting, creating objects and building mock-ups. After graduating from UQAM in 1988, I moved to Milano for a one-year scholarship at Olivetti’s Exhibition Design office, where I was eventually hired as an exhibition designer. I spent the last thirty years designing exhibition booths of all sorts and hope to keep on doing it forever. I do not consider this a job, for designing new commercial spaces, looking for exhibiting solutions for a special product and to do your best each time to create emotions is very exciting, it is a new challenge everyday. 

I still live in Milano today. In Italy, I understood the essence of design, learned the relationship between craftsmanship and creators, met the Masters, sensed the desire for beauty in objects, fashion and everyday life. This changed my destiny for the best, opening the way for an unexpected career. I believe that design is everywhere. Design is emotions, design is assembling the flow of images and sensations surrounding you in a particular shape to stimulate people’s life experience. I always dreamed I could work and live from one city to the other without any limits, according to the seasons, according to my schedule or the school calendar of my son. I would like to be in Montréal during the Winter, in Italy in the Summer, in Paris in the Spring. The world is full of beauty and surprises, there are opportunities everywhere. We just need to grab them.

Marta Luccisano

Co-Founder  |  Art director and Photographer 

I had the fortune to be born in Como in 1985, on the shores of the famous lake, a beautiful city in the middle of the mountains. I grew up between Italy and Switzerland which is just few kilometers away from here. My education is mostly artistic, often eclectic. After graduating in Communication Sciences at the IED in Milan, I moved for about one year to a small town near Cork, in the countryside of Southern Ireland. To live in such a natural surrounding, overlooking the Celtic Sea, inspired me artistically and as a person. Subsequently I worked in advertising which led me to expand my expertise in various creative fields of communication like art direction and photography. In 2018, I won the LensCulture Emerging Talents Awards, an international prize to the new generation of artists. I exhibited some of my works at the Klompching Gallery in New York and following that I to participate in some of the most important events and shows in the world including Art Basel, Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, Shanghai Photo Fair and Paris Photo.  

I worked for The New York Times Magazine, Y&R, Penguin Random House, Google, AD China, Lula Japan, Elle decoration China, Pinterest. Today I am represented by Brownie Art in Shanghai. I traveled to many places all around the world, met charismatic persons of all ages and cultures. Working as a team, sharing different values with others, confronting myself to unknown realities made me what I am today, professionally as well as personally. I believe in pro-activeness, courage and faith. I trust that competitivity even in the field of design and advertising is fundamental for it stimulates everyone to take risks, to be creative and to aim at success for all, as a team.

Arianna Brebbia

Interior designer 

I live in Ternate, in the northern part of Italy where I was born in 1996. The name of this small town means the city between the three lakes, where the Alps suddenly rise and expand until Switzerland. The countryside here is a natural heaven where the great lakes reflect the blue sky and the green trees that surround them just like mirrors. Horse-riding in the wilderness has always been my passion and it allows me to experience full immersion with nature. But I do compete in regional contests as well, for that is part of my nature. As a child, I often visited Milano where I felt the action, the vitality and dynamism of the great city. Later I decided to study there and chose the prestigious Brera Academy, in the heart of the city, a chance to explore design in all its forms and applications. 

My first design works were inspired by the nature of the lake landscapes and of the snow-capped mountains. I would do flowers that became lamps, library trees, cities that respect nature, sustainable homes integrated into the natural skyline. As a designer, the experience of conceiving exhibition stands is pure emotion. I love to translate people’s needs and expectations into imaginative and colorful emotions. I like the process in itself, from the first sketches to the construction, from the first idea to the final result. I believe that strength and agility are the skills for the challenges of the future. And we will need to be strong to face this coming season.

Joe Lim

Industrial designer 

Malaysia is a beautiful country. Home of the world’s most antique primary forest, sunny, surrounded by the sea. This is where I was born in 1989. I am a creator and it just felt normal for me to become an Industrial Designer. I was proud to study and graduate from the University of Technology in Malaysia. There, I learned to structure my visions, my personal talent, my wishes and how I was influenced culturally through my youth into a strong well-structured know-how. Design is a long process, it starts with the identification of a need, the exploration of various paths, moves up to the creativity phase, the sketches, the mock-ups, the constructive critic. It is a great satisfaction to sit down with my clients and partners when our concept finally gets built, when we all feel it was done the way we aspired.

Design gives you the opportunity to connect with people from different countries with different cultures allowing each of us to improve as humans. I like to build customer empathy and help my team solve problems. I am curious, and this curiosity drives me to design with a new approach every time, with new stimulus. There are many challenges to come and to face them will make our lives even more interesting.

Lionel Wong

Senior Project Manager 

I am very proud to be born in Singapore, that was in 1990. Singapore is the fastest growing and liveliest country in the world. Every year new skyscrapers are built, new stores and restaurants open, and more activities are organised. I graduated from Murdoch University where I decided to study marketing and management. In Singapore, Military Service is compulsory for young men but I wanted more. I chose to serve as a guardsman, which is an elite infantry unit of the Singapore army. Our very well-trained unit is always ready to strike whenever we are asked to do so to protect the population. The exhibition business is a versatile and challenging industry. Sometimes we say that the assembly phase of an exhibition is a real battle. I am prepared for this for I brought my learning from the army and applied it to this trade. To move fast, to resolve problems at once, to face-up to any challenge in order to build a booth perfectly is the most fulfilling part of this business. 

I enjoy to see a smile on people’s face when they understand that their show will be a success. I like to share about life over a cup of coffee, create affinity with people and make friends. Life thought me that trustful relationship between persons is also the key to good business. There is no long-term business without friendship. One must consider the other as such.